Nightmare Before Christmas Live at the Hollywood Bowl

Over Halloweekend (apparently this is a thing now) we got a chance to see the original cast of The Nightmare Before Christmas perform it live at the Hollywood Bowl! A few years ago we were able to see Danny Elfman performing a medley of the songs at LA Live, with special guest appearances by Catherine O’Hara for “Sally’s Song” and Tim Burton for mumbling and shuffling around the stage. But this show was the entire movie with live accompaniment by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and live renditions of all the songs by Danny Elfman, Catherine O’Hara, Paul Reubens, and Ken Page—plus original supporting character voice Greg Proops and additional voice actors Angie Jaree, Fletcher Sheridan, Baraka May Williams and Randy Crenshaw.

The Bowl was all dressed up for Halloween, with added festivities like trick-or-treat stations, photo spots and a costume contest!

 photo IMG_3970_zps2afawfbp.jpg

 photo IMG_3997_zpsoprumi9l.jpg

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As at The Little Mermaid Live, we were not allowed to bring in professional camera equipment, so my iPhone photos will have to do.  Amazingly, they also allowed us to take videos, so I captured some of the key performances (though not as many as I would have liked, due to my ineptitude with the video function on my phone).

The stage was appropriately spooky for the event.

 photo IMG_5871_zpsdvuxeavm.jpg

 photo IMG_5874_zpseajbor74.jpg

The show started with a real treat: Disney’s Silly Symphony Skeleton Dance with live accompaniment. It sounded amazing with a full orchestra!

 photo IMG_5879_zpshp3gadsz.jpg

Next, the orchestra, conducted by John Mauceri, performed the “Nightmare Before Christmas Suite,” accompanied by Tim Burton’s concept art for the movie.

 photo IMG_5883_zpstjcbxqbh.jpg

 photo IMG_5885_zps1illgcvh.jpg

 photo IMG_3979_zps5mkomno7.jpg

 photo IMG_3982_zpsd1iwbvpb.jpg

The movie started with Danny Elfman reading the narration from offstage, but he didn’t make an appearance until Jack’s first song, “This Is Halloween.”

 photo IMG_5887_zpsvelflahe.jpg

The additional voice actors were first on the stage, in appropriately wacky attire and doing spot-on renditions of the characters who populate Halloweentown.

 photo IMG_5896_zpslj5xe0rh.jpg

 photo IMG_5898_zpssq9olkfi.jpg

 photo IMG_5903_zpslbofldgj.jpg

 photo IMG_5905_zpsmtpdtwzq.jpg

 photo IMG_5909_zpscpncylxw.jpg

When Danny Elfman finally took the stage, the audience went wild.

 photo IMG_3985_zpsaf4zl3gu.jpg

 photo IMG_5930_zpsivyqhtny.jpg

 photo IMG_5933_zpsg8gykycj.jpg

 photo IMG_5934_zpsqd7rmqhg.jpg

 photo IMG_5943_zpsabarrkc5.jpg

 photo IMG_5955_zpswyzvqa30.jpg

It was fantastic to see him act out the part as he sang, but just as fascinating to watch him listen to the orchestra play his own music in between songs. I wonder if it was a treat for him to enjoy it without conducting, or if it was stressful not being able to control the performance!

 photo IMG_5952_zpsq4pghy7o.jpg

 photo IMG_3989_zpskdrgpd89.jpg

I managed to get a video of Elfman performing “What’s This” with all the gusto you’d expect!

 photo IMG_3991_zpsfrautdyp.jpg

 photo IMG_3993_zpsaqglasc2.jpg

 photo IMG_5994_zpslzvqydoi.jpg

 photo IMG_6002_zpszxwemqj9.jpg

 photo IMG_6003_zpsa6of2c1r.jpg

 photo IMG_6007_zpsjzcto3qq.jpg

 photo IMG_6011_zps9lem4kbf.jpg

 photo IMG_6013_zpsbapoh1qo.jpg

 photo IMG_6021_zpsxb4bty24.jpg

 photo IMG_6022_zps6jywkaht.jpg

 photo IMG_5983_zpspfmtd8tf.jpg

Probably the highlight of the evening was when Elfman was joined onstage by Paul Reubens (Lock) and Catherine O’Hara (Shock) to sing “Kidnap the Sandy Claws” as Lock, Shock and Barrel. I thought I had a spectacular video of this one for you but, alas, had not pressed record—ARGH!!! Instead, how about some blurry AND overexposed photos?

 photo IMG_6031_zpsmqzxxlpw.jpg

 photo IMG_6036_zpswtsbvudr.jpg

 photo IMG_6032_zpstqfwngxy.jpg

 photo IMG_6033_zps9potuaay.jpg

 photo IMG_6038_zpsig7gzjvf.jpg

 photo IMG_6044_zpsy1oda08n.jpg

 photo IMG_6046_zpswkx54tgm.jpg

My favorite!

 photo IMG_6052_zps11okuy8m.jpg

Time for Intermission…

 photo IMG_3999_zpsilqnvoig.jpg

….And we’re back!

As at The Little Mermaid, energetic violin soloist Sandy Cameron kicked off the second act in one of her signature flamboyant costumes and acrobatic style. She moves so fast, she’s really hard to photograph!

 photo IMG_6057_zps7vlvljzf.jpg

 photo IMG_4003_zpsq3npr3rg.jpg

 photo IMG_6071_zpsn5o82xza.jpg

 photo IMG_6073_zpsbvfizeei.jpg

On with the show!

 photo IMG_6090_zpshrncbrdp.jpg

 photo IMG_6094_zpsvcvmgvdz.jpg

 photo IMG_6098_zpscdvwjsa4.jpg

When Ken Page took the stage to perform “Oogie Boogie’s Song,” the audience went so crazy, Patrick thought maybe it was a surprise appearance.

 photo IMG_6113_zpskwqyaix4.jpg

Boy, has that man got a set of pipes! His performance was pitch-perfect.

 photo IMG_6117_zpskyc5ibpr.jpg

 photo IMG_6119_zpsc3ifwvcr.jpg

When Catherine O’Hara came out to perform “Sally’s Song,” she had Sally’s stitches on her neck!

 photo IMG_4011_zpsjzytzxkf.jpg

 photo IMG_4013_zps0zypie5s.jpg

 photo IMG_4012_zpsw7nqlytb.jpg

I’m kicking myself for goofing this one up, but at least I got half the song! Her voice has such a wonderful, vulnerable quality—perfect for Sally.

 photo IMG_6124_zpsiyfivqxp.jpg

 photo IMG_6126_zpsdu9gaf1f.jpg

At the end, she and Elfman returned for “Finale/Reprise,” the romantic ending to the film. It was such a treat to watch them perform together, entering the stage from opposite sides to meet in the middle.

During the credits, we finally got to see some closeups of the orchestra. So here’s what they look like…

 photo IMG_6164_zpsdwkslcww.jpg

 photo IMG_6168_zpszhadkbz8.jpg

 photo IMG_6169_zpsfaw4w5vb.jpg

 photo IMG_6177_zpsqpwjjplm.jpg

 photo IMG_6171_zpszhgzmwmz.jpg

Curtain call…

 photo IMG_6219_zpsgrcokbgy.jpg

 photo IMG_6224_zpsrxjzujfk.jpg

Paul Reubens personally thanking us for attending…

 photo IMG_6239_zps2jwgfsyj.jpg

 photo IMG_6249_zpsnwqetvyp.jpg

 photo IMG_6251_zpsy6ydjawh.jpg

 photo IMG_6253_zps6togowsz.jpg

 photo IMG_6255_zpsku87qcj2.jpg

 photo IMG_6275_zps3o2svluo.jpg

And then, another treat: Danny Elfman performed “Oogie Boogie’s Song” in Cab Calloway style. He doesn’t have Ken Page’s pipes, but he’s sure got some moves!

To cap the night, Elfman brought Oingo Boingo bandmate Steve Bartek onstage and they performed “Dead Man’s Party” backed by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra!

 photo IMG_6292_zpsnblrwhx0.jpg

 photo IMG_4017_zpsydjimyyb.jpg

The rain that had threatened all evening finally appeared and we all crowded the stage to watch this historic performance. At the end of the show, you could tell Elfman was on Cloud Nine, and I felt as proud for him as if he were my friend. Who woulda thunk all those years ago when Nightmare Before Christmas debuted that it would achieve such iconic status?

 photo IMG_6312_zpsrrgeishq.jpg

 photo IMG_6315_zpsbw9wrngw.jpg

 photo IMG_6297_zpsbi2d1wr6.jpg

 photo IMG_6302_zpsihfqu9my.jpg

 photo IMG_6305_zpsh3ad7pir.jpg

 photo IMG_6306_zps0patf3kn.jpg

On our way out, we snapped just a few of the many fabulous costumes. This woman’s mask was stunning!

 photo FullSizeRender_zpsp42rpibd.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_zpsovhnbbzl.jpg

And I loved these!

 photo FullSizeRender_zps84kddaph.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender_zps3d22vslm.jpg

Supposedly this was the last time Elfman & Co. will perform The Nightmare Before Christmas live, but what he actually said before the show was that he would only do it if he could get all the original cast members back. Here’s hoping that they had so much fun this year, they’ll be up for doing it again next year!

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