Rivers of America Makeover Photo Tour

Disneyland has just debuted the new look for its iconic Rivers of America after an 18-month rehab that included hacking off a chunk of the area and giving it to Star Wars Land (sorry, I mean “Galaxy’s Razr’s Edge” or whatever). I was not a fan of the idea, but I gotta say, I love the attention they’ve lavished on this area after years of neglect. They’ve also added some nifty new effects to the Grand Canyon Diorama (no, it’s OK! Don’t panic! You’ll see…) that were a treat to discover.

Quite unfortunately, only two of the Disneyland Railroad’s four trains were running on opening weekend (one conductor grimaced, “They had 18 months and one job!”), so Patrick and I waited an hour at New Orleans Square Station to get you these photos. Worth it! When we realized all the stations had been closed, we stayed on the train as long as they’d let us, eventually completing three Grand Circle Tours. I even got a video of the new Grand Canyon and Primeval Dioramas that gives you a feel for the new show effects—I’ll put that at the end of the post.

OK, first up is my perspective in the front row, looking off to the right of the train…

 photo IMG_9432_zpsah4gpowt.jpg
 photo IMG_9428_zpsxef0xnlm.jpg

 photo IMG_7539_zpsb3uzptne.jpg

Bad show, Dead Tree—bad show!

 photo IMG_7541_zpsjgkhrmcz.jpg

 photo IMG_7543_zpsdtazlzv5.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender 6_zpslsdq5pcv.jpg

 photo IMG_7545_zpsznk495ur.jpg

 photo IMG_7546_zpsdg9azspm.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender 4_zps2wojwkuu.jpg

 photo IMG_7549_zpsxngnvxbh.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender 5_zpsevvhqcld.jpg

 photo IMG_7555_zps3sykyyw2.jpg

 photo IMG_7556_zpsbn3r2pbi.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender 2_zpsetpaibs5.jpg

 photo IMG_7559_zpsqfpqrljj.jpg

 photo IMG_7560_zpsxz0ey98n.jpg

 photo IMG_7561_zpsicjshg7q.jpg

 photo IMG_7562_zpsfx5fsikc.jpg

 photo IMG_7563_zpswygvulro.jpg

 photo IMG_7564_zpsfgdjajc6.jpg

 photo IMG_7565_zps7audtldm.jpg

 photo IMG_7566_zpsewzsfmld.jpg

 photo IMG_7568_zpse74pmfck.jpg
 photo IMG_7569_zpsbqug9rhq.jpg
 photo IMG_7570_zpsxwhjkczc.jpg
 photo IMG_7571_zpslocfan2m.jpg

 photo IMG_9439_zps3u87ctd8.jpg

 photo IMG_9440_zpsnad3vnzd.jpg

 photo IMG_9431_zpsb2i70fea.jpg

This time around, Patrick shot the view from the left side (back row) of the train…

 photo IMG_9442_zpsj8955eic.jpg

 photo IMG_9443_zpsbs6bm10e.jpg

 photo IMG_9444_zpslqucwgou.jpg

 photo IMG_9445_zpspeycjguu.jpg

 photo IMG_9446_zpsugsngb2f.jpg

 photo IMG_9447_zpssbfxabwo.jpg

 photo IMG_9448_zpsykgp25n2.jpg

 photo IMG_9449_zpslqci7wxu.jpg

 photo IMG_9450_zpsczehjzje.jpg

 photo IMG_9451_zpsyqay484y.jpg

 photo IMG_9452_zpszennpuol.jpg

 photo IMG_9453_zpsubx02s8b.jpg

 photo IMG_9454_zpsc3bhhv0l.jpg

 photo IMG_9456_zpsbtiojaxk.jpg

 photo IMG_9457_zpsblphrs6a.jpg

 photo IMG_9459_zpshsndvzis.jpg

 photo IMG_9460_zpsvg2tct1j.jpg

 photo IMG_9461_zpssv7duxhl.jpg

 photo IMG_9462_zps9mietwkh.jpg

 photo IMG_9463_zpsh7ddkj4t.jpg

 photo IMG_9464_zpsjjafuvba.jpg

 photo IMG_9465_zpsg9fhbdev.jpg

 photo IMG_9467_zps8hq9ax1u.jpg

After we finally got off the train, we took the Mark Twain around the river once to get shots from a different perspective—and discovered some surprises!

 photo IMG_9472_zpsi0mt10a2.jpg
 photo IMG_9473_zpsijvhj2oe.jpg

 photo IMG_9474_zpsvxwbqn5y.jpg

 photo IMG_9475_zpsvpepglhv.jpg

 photo IMG_9476_zpstwlon5na.jpg

 photo IMG_9477_zpskmxoqll8.jpg

 photo IMG_9478_zpsbouq3e3e.jpg

 photo IMG_9479_zpslkewhkqc.jpg

 photo IMG_9480_zpshpm1a2ss.jpg

 photo IMG_9481_zpsqgr2hbyo.jpg

 photo IMG_9482_zpsriun6u64.jpg

 photo IMG_9483_zps5keejcru.jpg

 photo IMG_9484_zpsixghdy77.jpg

 photo IMG_9485_zpsoemyh6mh.jpg

 photo IMG_9486_zpsjd8wfhtf.jpg

 photo IMG_9487_zpsrwsg9s6d.jpg

 photo IMG_9488_zps2slmbzqy.jpg

 photo IMG_9489_zpslafxbusa.jpg

 photo IMG_9493_zpsharqefl8.jpg

I love this gag!

 photo IMG_9494_zps7dchkntl.jpg

 photo IMG_9495_zps33va4qae.jpg

 photo IMG_9496_zpst6mpsx2z.jpg

 photo IMG_9497_zpswrywce96.jpg

 photo IMG_9498_zpsxahjyajf.jpg

 photo IMG_9499_zpsntidq6mm.jpg

 photo IMG_9500_zpswbz4l5gw.jpg

 photo IMG_9501_zps6kxgcy3c.jpg

 photo IMG_9502_zpslwcqveet.jpg

 photo IMG_9503_zpsyfrgnmah.jpg

 photo IMG_9504_zpsvxyqbcfm.jpg

Look familiar?
 photo Marc Davis Raccoons_zpseerapoqj.jpg

I thought this nod to one of Marc Davis’ original concept pieces was new, but apparently it’s been there since 2010… and it used to have the skunk too!

 photo IMG_9506_zpsj4ffmlmq.jpg


 photo IMG_9508_zpscpwj4uo8.jpg

 photo IMG_9510_zpsvgyjt3su.jpg

 photo IMG_9511_zps2yrrtw3s.jpg

 photo IMG_9512_zpsxf9iy1fs.jpg

 photo IMG_9513_zpsax3vztlx.jpg

 photo IMG_9514_zpsja6wlo3f.jpg

 photo IMG_9521_zpswthvvrk5.jpg
 photo IMG_9522_zpsgkwlprtq.jpg

Here’s a little bonus video of the new enhancements to the Grand Canyon + Primeval Dioramas… half of which you can’t really see in the video (like the tree that catches fire!) so get thee to Disneyland and check them out! (Also, the video starts off LOUD—thanks a heap, Ferde Grofé…)

Overall, the Rivers of America rehab looks pretty spiffy! I miss the extra section just because it made the train and boat rides longer and prettier, and I miss the larger, mature trees—this new look is very arid. Hopefully they planted new trees that will start to fill in over the years. And maybe they will bring back Marc Davis’ skunk! Other than that, though, I’m happy to see they really lavished attention on this area before reopening it.

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  • Erin
    August 27, 2017

    This looks great! I can’t wait to see it in person.

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