Christmas at the Walt Disney Family Museum

Over the weekend we made a banzai run up to San Francisco to check out the special holiday programming at the Walt Disney Family Museum. The combination of “Home for the Holidays at Carolwood,” a new exhibit that includes a fantastic scale model of Walt Disney’s Carolwood Drive home and miniature railway, and the museum’s exclusive documentary, Christmas with Walt Disney, is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday if you’re a Disney fan.

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“Home for the Holidays at Carolwood” is set up in the theater lobby downstairs. One of the original train cars from Walt’s backyard Carolwood Pacific railway is on display outside the exhibit. The rest of the train can be seen on permanent display in the museum’s Gallery 9: Disneyland & Beyond.

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There’s also information on Walt’s barn, which originally stood on the Carolwood Drive property and now resides in Griffith Park, where anyone can visit once a month.

 photo IMG_9482_zpsbekacfta.jpg

 photo IMG_9489_zpsvpeklobl.jpg

The model is huge, occupying almost the entire lobby area. When it’s working, a train circles the house replica on an exact re-creation of the track Walt had laid in his backyard.

 photo IMG_9483_zpsann7kmzi.jpg

 photo IMG_9536_zpskxklo0gn.jpg


I’ve seen the documentaries and the photos, but viewing this model is the first time I’ve really understood exactly what Walt’s Carolwood Drive home looked like, how it sat on the property, and the railroad’s relationship to the house (which has been torn down and replaced by this $90 million monstrosity).

 photo IMG_9484_zps8zcesgkf.jpg

Walt’s Barn and teeny-tiny orange trees.

 photo IMG_9485_zps4c6mvisv.jpg

 photo IMG_9575_zpsjasrj1wp.jpg

 photo IMG_9487_zpsr1hevp6t.jpg

We arrived just as a family was being chosen to throw the switch and turn on the Christmas lights for the day.

 photo IMG_9488_zpsyftx83p4.jpg

 photo IMG_9490_zps2rnpszn5.jpg

 photo IMG_9493_zps1ll5xhki.jpg

 photo IMG_9494_zpsn2wcn5pt.jpg

 photo IMG_9495_zpspn0kc2tg.jpg

 photo IMG_9492_zpsm5ygssax.jpg

Who knew there was also a massive detached garage? This one has a tiny light-up Christmas tree in the window!

 photo IMG_9486_zpsokdl3qyu.jpg

 photo IMG_9491_zpsnrfggqeh.jpg

As usual, Patrick took a bazillion photos, so settle in….

 photo IMG_9503_zps1ydcbac9.jpg

 photo IMG_9499_zpsfnmnt4l0.jpg

 photo IMG_9498_zpsrn6rtefi.jpg

 photo IMG_9501_zpsgge9nxgd.jpg

 photo IMG_9496_zpsn6y8aord.jpg

 photo IMG_9497_zps6jjsvbuz.jpg

 photo IMG_9530_zpsiydn1vmq.jpg


Tiny little figures placed around the model represent Walt, Lillian, Diane and even Salvador Dali and his wife!

 photo IMG_9500_zpsozljohyc.jpg

 photo IMG_9513_zpsdwa3ckgp.jpg

Walt and Lillian

 photo IMG_9509_zpsfnyczwgp.jpg

New figures have been appearing throughout the run of the exhibition, and sometimes the docents aren’t sure who they are. We’re thinking maybe this is a grandkid…

 photo IMG_9506_zps7rrazc8o.jpg

This is Diane Disney Miller and Ron Miller with their daughter Joanna (thanks for the ID, Jenna @WDFM!) and that’s the Pixar ball!

 photo IMG_9508_zpsszlqcvnb.jpg

 photo IMG_9518_zps8y9lexus.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Dali
 photo IMG_9573_zpsnc4zltos.jpg

Whoever these ladies are, they’re sure interested in that gentleman…

 photo IMG_9514_zpssiaib01n.jpg

…But he has eyes only for the train!

 photo IMG_9515_zpsv3egfit8.jpg

The level of detail in the model is incredible!

 photo IMG_9510_zpsipvb4cee.jpg

 photo IMG_9507_zpstso7tzgq.jpg

 photo IMG_9512_zpsn1ayt1at.jpg

 photo IMG_9516_zpsxst4fsuo.jpg

 photo IMG_9517_zpstnb45ld1.jpg

 photo IMG_9520_zpsfih8unub.jpg

 photo IMG_9521_zpsagcb3eym.jpg

 photo IMG_9524_zpsfw5hqs2a.jpg

 photo IMG_9525_zpsgvhzljhz.jpg


 photo IMG_9531_zpsomwrtsjw.jpg

 photo IMG_9532_zpseicvs6bf.jpg

 photo IMG_9535_zpsqsciofz2.jpg

 photo IMG_9539_zpsl0drxctz.jpg

 photo IMG_9540_zps2qdtwg6f.jpg

 photo IMG_9543_zps9nm2efoi.jpg

 photo IMG_9545_zpsydfgxlim.jpg

 photo IMG_9546_zpsvbjxbt9b.jpg

 photo IMG_9553_zpsxca1f3wq.jpg

 photo IMG_9559_zpsp47ruiob.jpg

 photo IMG_9560_zpsfirn1r42.jpg

 photo IMG_9561_zpsrqprj5kr.jpg

 photo IMG_9562_zpsdwvjewrp.jpg

 photo IMG_9568_zpshhktn0hu.jpg

 photo IMG_9570_zps4qfjdrmr.jpg

 photo IMG_9571_zpsghrj096d.jpg

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Just in case you want to replicate Walt Disney’s steps…

 photo IMG_9574_zpsphc9hhsh.jpg

 photo IMG_9578_zpsbmjddzjf.jpg

 photo IMG_9579_zps13cwoxdx.jpg

 photo IMG_9581_zpsuy6frume.jpg

 photo IMG_9582_zpsv3uzeswt.jpg

On the walls behind the model are enlargements of Christmas cards sent and received by Walt Disney and the Disney Company. There are so many fabulous mid-century pieces—Disney really should sell reproduction Christmas cards at the holidays.

 photo IMG_9547_zpsdsa9phbt.jpg

Oh wait—I think they do sell these two!

 photo IMG_9548_zps6q87jbdq.jpg

 photo IMG_9549_zps79mlinc0.jpg

 photo IMG_9550_zpsplgoinhm.jpg

 photo IMG_9551_zpsmebkvcna.jpg

Ward Kimball’s family Christmas card

 photo IMG_9552_zpstjdt7kef.jpg

Bill Peet’s family Christmas card

 photo IMG_9554_zpsgivw77wz.jpg

 photo IMG_9555_zpspx9m88pa.jpg

 photo IMG_9556_zpsuhhsxord.jpg

 photo IMG_9558_zpsew6wtrxl.jpg

One wall of the gallery has a ginormous enlargement of a background from Lady & the Tramp (which is the Disney movie with my all-time favorite backgrounds, so I was particularly excited about this!).

 photo FullSizeRender_zps4qbjfkwg.jpg

Don’t you just want to go to there?!

 photo FullSizeRender_zps0d7poa1o.jpg

When Patrick had shot the model six ways from Sunday, we moved to the theater for a screening of Christmas with Walt Disney. Even the theater was decked out for the holidays, with an inviting fireside tableaux complete with a gorgeous retro Christmas tree!

 photo IMG_6600_zpsaqhpnzob.jpg

 photo IMG_9542_zpszpcbkexf.jpg

Before the movie they play a segment from the old Disneyland TV show focusing on Ollie Johnson’s, Ward Kimball’s and Walt’s trains. Having seen the Carolwood model gave me a whole new appreciation for this segment. I never realized that Ward’s train was full-size, not a scale model!

Christmas with Walt Disney is a documentary produced by Don Hahn (Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King) exclusively for the Walt Disney Family Museum. It is fabulous! Diane Disney Miller shares her memories of spending holidays with her dad, and there is candid footage of the family you’ve never seen before. It’s easy to think of Walt as a stern authoritarian, but seeing him nuzzling little toddler Diane in home movies reveals a tender side you don’t often hear about.

Christmas with Walt Disney shows twice daily through Dec. 31, and the model will be on display until January 9 (staff say they’re hoping to bring it back next Christmas). If there is any way you can get to the Walt Disney Family Museum before then, these are totally worth a special trip!

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  • Jennifer
    January 31, 2017

    I’m so bummed I missed this in December – I hope they bring it back next year! Thanks for another great post. 🙂

    • Carrie
      January 31, 2017

      From talking to the guides, I think they are going to bring it back as an annual tradition!

  • Jessica
    January 30, 2017

    What a great article. Thank you for sharing

  • Jo
    December 23, 2016

    This is really neat, Carrie! I’ve only seen a single picture of Walt Disney’s Carolwood Drive home so it’s amazing to see what the home and yard actually looked like. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Carrie
      December 25, 2016

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Tim
    December 22, 2016

    That model is incredible! Like yourself I’ve never completely reckoned with how the property was laid out. Thank you for the detailed pictures, there’s a lot to take in!

    Did they indicate at all if Walt decorated his house for Christmas with those color lights and with things like the tree in the window?

    • Carrie
      December 25, 2016

      They didn’t say. I have a feeling it was just for the model, but now I’m going to try to find out!

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