A Very Lurky Christmas: Holiday at Bay Lake Tower… of TERROR!

This is the story of our first Christmas at Walt Disney World, including D23′s Magic & Merriment event, the DIS Boards’ private party at Toy Story Mania, and more stalking of hapless photographers The Roots, who, by agreeing to shoot our wedding, unwittingly signed themselves up to be featured in and take pictures for every future Lurkyloo trip report, in perpetuity.


Day 1: Arrival and First Legitimate Dessert Party!

Day 2, Part 1: How to Say “May I See Your Pins?” in Five Languages!

Day 2, Part 2: Animal Kingdom… After Dark! Plus, Dinner at Jiko with da Roots!

Day 3, Part 1: The Day I Met a Cupcake I Didn’t Like

Day 3, Part 2: Our Introduction to Osbourne Family Shreddin’ Festival of Totally Awesome Lights!

Day 4, Part 1: First Day in the Magic Kingdom

Day 4, Part 2: The Roots Rescue My Trip Report!

Day 4, Part 3:  Osbourne Lights & Dinner With The Roots

Day 5, Part 1: D23’s Magic & Merriment Event

Day 5, Part 2: Candlelight Processional & Dinner on the Set of Lights, Motors, Action!

Day 5, Part 3: Private Osbourne Lights + DISapalooza ’09!

Day 6, Part 1: D23’s Diamond Horseshoe Brunch + Root Shoot at Bay Lake Tower

Day 6, Part 2: Cinderella Castle Suite + CAKE!!!

Day 6, Part 3: Mickey’s Very Merry Not-So-Scary Christmas Party!

Day 7, Part 1: Santas I Didn’t See…

Day 7, Part 2: Candlelight Processional Dinner with the Roots!

Day 8, Part 1: Christmas Decoration Tour of the Monorail Resorts

Day 8, Part 2: Backstage at “Finding Nemo: The Musical”!

Day 8, Part 3: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party & Wishes Dessert Party with the Roots!

Day 8, Part 4: Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade & A Slumber Party at Bay Lake Tower!

Day 9: Last Day of the Trip